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Sooo... you like your job.

Maybe - at one time - you even loved it.

But, it's not your dream job anymore.

We. have. been. there.

Oh, aaand you’re already exhausted.

(We like to call this “pre-exhaustion.”)

So, why the heck would you spend time and energy trying to think about what you really want AND THEN spend more time and energy trying to find it, apply for it, go through the interview process, and… and… and…

If your brain is saying, ✋🏼 “Stop. I need to eat some carbs and take a nap,” you’re not alone.

Time and again, with client after client, we have demonstrated that it’s 100% possible to decrease your overwhelm and exhaustion SO THAT you can dream about the fulfilling work you really want to do and the kind of leader you really want to be.

Career Coaching Options

Get Refreshed

3-Session package designed to upgrade your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Get Clear, Get Hired, Get Paid

2-month to 6-month packages designed to help you figure out what you want to do next and go get it!
  • Improved salary negotiation skills
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Grow Where You're Planted

6-month to 12-month packages designed to help you elevate your influence and impact as a leader in your organization.
  • 1 weekly, 60-minute session
  • Direct messaging via LinkedIn in-between sessions
  • On-call salary negotiation support

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