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I Want to Feel [Fill in the Blank]

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I knew building the career of my dreams was going to be a mixed bag of awesome and awful.

Recently, I was confronted with a limiting thought and feeling about past circumstances.

A thought that had, along the line, become a belief.

“I feel lost and unsupported,” was fully unearthed.

Ooo…oucheth. That thought does not feel good.

When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist.

Then, I learned that archaeologists who only dig up dinosaur bones were called paleontologists, and I was like, “Yeah, that!” 🐱🐉

Digging in the dirt all around the world and discovering the bones of old and mysterious creatures was what my four-year-old self considered an amazing time.

Who knew that I would be, figuratively, doing the same thing as an adult?

The pursuit of our dreams includes digging into our pasts to discover old “bones” and new “creatures.”

That is, old ways of responding to life circumstances and opportunities to write new patterns.

If you were to take a step back and watch your thoughts for a day, what would you see?

My guess is that many of your thoughts would be about something you want to feel in regards to one of these areas: career, finances, or relationships.

Here are some examples I’ve heard from clients over the years:

  • “I want to feel like I have a clear path and am making progress.”
  • “I want to feel like I have a purpose.”
  • “I want a sense of fulfillment.”
  • “I want to believe I’m valuable and what I contribute is valuable.”
  • “I want to be valued for my talent, skills, and wit – and ability to get things done.”
  • “I want to feel appreciated.”
  • “I want to feel more confident.”
  • “I want to feel better about myself.”
  • “I want to feel less stressed.”
  • “I want to feel happy.”

Can you relate?

If so, I encourage you to make time and jot down the “I-want-tos” floating around in your mind, and then set up a time for us to have a conversation.

I’d love to help you take what you wrote down and dream a little bigger. I can show exactly how all of your “want-tos” are possible.


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