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Growth Without Overwhelm Is Possible


This week, the members of The Six-Figure Club are getting clear on why they joined the club and what they want to get out of their time and commitment.

They’re finishing up their first worksheet and I can already see two themes emerging:

First, they are ready for new level of growth in their personal and professional lives.

Second, they want to reduce the overwhelming feelings that historically come with a “stretch season.”

“Growth without the overwhelm.”

Sounds dreamy, right?

It is.

Quite literally.

One of the key things I am to teach my clients is how to reduce overwhelming feelings as they fulfill their dreams.

Typically, creating our dreams isn’t overwhelming.

No, overwhelm is usually lurking somewhere between practicing the thoughts that create our dreams and remaining committed to bringing our dreams into reality.

But, we don’t have to let overwhelm take us by surprise.

I help my clients anticipate it. Plan for it. Welcome it in. And, be curious about what the feeling has to show them.

Through this process they take their energy and power back, and re-focus it on the actions that will produce their desired outcome.

I welcome you to experience this, too, in a free coaching session.

No strings attached. Promise.

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