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My “Six-Figure Club” Story, Part 2


Just four months prior to all the changes on my team, I started a personal training and nutrition coaching business.

I called it “my passion project” because in 2012, I found out I have Celiac disease and a whole host of other health issues at the time.

As I got better and my energy returned, a strong desire to help others lead healthy lives emerged.

During this time of deep frustration and disappointment in my corporate role, this “passion project” was also a saving grace.

I became increasingly engaged with my training and coaching business and, in 2017, increased my income 24%.

But, I hustled. And, I was ti-rrred.

I knew there was a way to “work smarter, not harder,” so I set out to find it.

I found the advice I needed from Brooke Castillo in an episode of “The Life Coach School Podcast.”

She talked about carefully considering the value we contribute to our employer and asking ourselves how we can improve it because it’s easier to be rewarded monetarily when we add more value to our employer and our employer values our contributions.

It’s a win-win.

She also talked about “showing up” and taking a long, hard, and honest look at how we’re showing up in the workplace, and how that’s producing our current results.

I saw opportunities in both areas, so I decided to change it.

I was done with disengagement. Done with disappointment.

I finally took responsibility for what I was thinking and feeling.

I re-focused on my corporate role and started delivering more than I had been for a long while.

And, shortly after, I got a new job. A fresh start to keep over-delivering!

In just 2 years, I increased my salary 55% and broke into the six-figure club.

I now help other people do the same.

If you feel like your career or income goal is just within reach, but you’re not quite there, then I’m your coach.

I’ll get you there faster than you could going at it alone.

I’m looking for 5 amazing people to welcome into the first cohort of my premier small group coaching program, “The Six-Figure Club.”

If my story resonated with you, let’s talk soon – doors to the club close on September 30!

Schedule your free consultation to see if “the club” is a great fit for you.


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