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The Next Level


Do you have a desire to “play at the next level,” but when you think about doing it (combined with everything else going on in your life right now) it just seems too exhausting?

I feel you.

I’m calling this “pre-exhaustion” – the feeling of being exhausted before we even begin.

I really want to rise to the next level in my career coaching practice and in my communications career. But, I want to figure out how do it without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

In the past, I would enter what I call a “push season” or “stretch season,” where I would literally push and stretch myself do something new and big.

For example, starting a business while working full time, not once but three times!

1️⃣ I became a team leader with Mary Kay and created great results. I replaced my full time income, quit my “day job,” led a team of 17 consultants, and nearly qualified for a free car – all while preparing for my wedding.

But the week leading up to my wedding, I got sick.

2️⃣ I created a personal training and nutrition coaching business. I got certified as a personal trainer and converted our then guest house into a fitness studio. I ran that business for five years, and in my best year, increased my income 24%.

Not too shabby.

But, I gained 10-15 pounds and felt exhausted.

3️⃣ I created a career coaching business because after doing some deep soul-searching work, I realized what really lights me up is helping others rise to the next level in their performance and pay.

This time around, though…

I haven’t gotten sick.

I haven’t gained weight.

In fact, I’ve lost weight.

And, I haven’t hit the wall of exhaustion.

How am I doing it?

By managing my mind.

Let me explain.

We all get to chose what we think, right?

Well, what we think over and over become our beliefs.

And, our feelings are created from our thoughts and beliefs.

Then, from our feelings, we take certain actions.

Last, our actions lead to results that are often tied directly back to our thoughts and beliefs.
So, using this model…

I decide, with intention, what thoughts I’m going to think and, by doing so, I create new feelings, actions, and results.

Results like remaining healthy, losing weight, and staying sane. ?

Results like increasing my performance and pay.

Here are some thoughts I’m choosing to think right now:

  • “I know exactly what to do next.”
  • “It all matters… The baby steps, the failures, the showing up when I feel like it and when I don’t feel like – all of it matters!”
  • “I was made for this!”

What thoughts have you been thinking in regards to your position and pay?

Be honest in your answer.

Now, look at the results you currently have – your performance level, your position, your pay – and ask yourself, “Is this what I really want for my career?”

Yes or no, send me an email. I’d love to hear your answer and any insights you gained!


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