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What A Kidney Stone And A Career Have In Common


If you read my last post, “Two Lessons Pain Taught Me,” you learned I went to the hospital in excruciating pain a couple months ago, but I didn’t tell you why.

Well, you’re faithful following has paid off!

When I got to the hospital, I learned I had a five milometer kidney stone stuck juuust two centimeters from the spot where I wouldn’t be in any more pain.

Fun stuff.

Here’s the deal, though, with five milometer kidney stones…

They are “cusp” stones, if you will.

Meaning, there’s a 50/50 chance a person will pass it…in three to 30 days. So said the ER doctor, anyway.

30 days! ? <- That was literally my face when the doctor informed me of this.

“So, you’re saying I might have to live with this thing stuck inside of me for 30 days?!”

“No, no, no, no, no. How is that even possible?”

Well, my friends, it is. In fact, it took up residence for 48 days!

(I feel like I should get a badge of honor or something for this valiant effort. ?)

Anyway, on day 48, I had surgery to remove the little bugger and the recovery was sheer awfulness.

Talk about pain ?, on top of pain ?, on top of pain. ?

I’m back to “normal” now, but going through something like this changes “normal.”

Normal now means drinking way more water, abstaining from foods that can cause kidney stones, and – most importantly – managing my thoughts and emotions.

So, let me flip this over to our careers…

Have you ever felt painfully stuck in your career, wondering, “How do I get out this? Is it even possible?”

If you have and you shifted out of it, congratulations! ? Please share the lessons you learned in the comments!

But, if you’re stuck right now, let me ask you this:

What if you’re meant to be stuck?

What if you were meant to go through the pain and the process of getting unstuck?

You, like me, might be thinking, “No, no, no, no, no.” Or asking, “Why? Why me? Why now?”

I’ve learned that if you’re stuck, those kinds of thoughts will keep you stuck.

They will keep you feeling resistant and confused, which just prolongs pain.

If you’re stuck, are you ready to get out of pain and get moving?

Think about it this way: getting unstuck means you begin moving closer to your dreams… and I’m confident that your dream involves helping and influencing a lot of people.

So, can you do it for you? And, can you do it for them?

If you answered, “yes,” then let’s do this!

If, you answered, “no” and want to stay where you are a little longer, that’s okay, too.

When you’re good and ready, I’ll be here waiting, fully prepared to help you.


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